Keeping the Peace

The street style in Switzerland is apparently far from neutral.  Bright colors and playful accessories mixed with bold, urban leathers make up the majority of this Swiss student’s ever-changing style, but it was this 60’s look by Saskia that really took me by surprise:

I absolutely love this photo.  From head to toe, she looks like she’s on her way to San Francisco for the notorious Summer of Love in 1967–not that I’m encouraging such ideals, of course.  Free love!  Anyways, here’s another great look by Saskia that’s a bit more mod:

Share the love!  Check out more of Saskia’s looks (and her canine companion) by clicking on the photos!



Colorfully Casual

It’s easy to overdose on the newest trends and accessories when you live in Los Angeles, but Audrey shows her tasteful restraint when it comes to all things casual and glamorous.  Here are three of my favorite looks by this Californian style captain:

The subtle textures, the pop of color, and that tousled, blonde hair!  Her style is a great example of how to keep it simple in a city with a flair for the dramatic.  Check out more of Audrey’s looks by clicking on the photos!


The Spanish Touch

I have a serious addiction to the street style in Spain, and it’s not going to be cured anytime soon.  Anabel Godoy is a great representation of that look–a touch of sensuality, yet so relaxed, like she knows how to enjoy life!  Here are two of my favorite photos by Anabel:

I’ve been swooning over this gorgeous woman’s style and it took me hours to decide which photos to feature, so check out more of Anabel’s looks by clicking on the photos!


Metropolitan Doll

Brassy, potent, and socially aware, this young Canadian oozes charisma and adventure.  Her expressive writing is both heart-wrenching and audacious, with a look that’s equally perplexing:  soft and romantic, yet powerful and distinctly urban.  Earth, say hello to Lily Nguyen:

She really embodies that urban cool in her attitude rather than through costume to get the perfect mix of sweet and sassy.  Can you feel the feisty behind that smile?  Amazing.  The leg shot, of course, requires no words.  Check out more of Lily’s looks by clicking on the photos!


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