The Best of the Unknown

Style blogs ain’t nothing new.   Students, housewives, waitresses and their moms seem to satisfy their craving for all things fashion by joining the ever-growing lineup of bloggers–and it’s hard not to love every single one of them.

It seemed to me, though, that something was missing in all this greatness.  What if there was a blog that rounded up the top pictures from this new army of under-publicized fashion bloggers?  Let’s face it, we all dream of joining the elite ranks of The Sartorialist and Man Repeller, but who needs elitists when we can crown our own Plain Jane from the majority populace?

So, this is my appeal to the growing mass of self-publishing style captains all over the globe:  Let’s work together to make a curated gallery of the best of the unknown!



9 thoughts on “The Best of the Unknown

  1. I’ve already told you my feelings about this blog, which is of course, all positive. I like the concept of your blog and I’ll be sure to read all your future posts!

  2. What an awesome idea you’ve got going here! I’m always on the lookout for other up and coming bloggers to glean inspiration from, so this is such an exciting find for me. Keep up all these wonderful features!

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