Crafty and Colorful

At a tiny 5’0″, this petite Californian is a true thrifter with an eye for vintage and a knack for DIY.  Incredibly crafty with a sewing machine, MaryGrace Sanchez makes what she wants and wears what she wants.  Here are four of my favorite photos by MaryGrace:

From body chains to repurposed men’s shirts, this gorgeous art history buff finds a way to make old things new again.  Check out more of MaryGrace’s looks by clicking on the photos!



Alpha Accessorizer

When contemplating a new outfit, some girls like their sparklers to steal the show while others add them as a final touch.  Molliee Martin is of the former, splendidly pairing basic shapes with her brilliant baubles.  Here’s one of my favorite photos by Molliee:

Classic, demure, yet powerful.  The metallic collar adds the perfect touch of modern flair to an otherwise basic silhouette.  And here’s yet another amazing photo:

This slouchy knit paired with a statement piece that’s not quite a statement piece (less metal contraption, more organic whimsy) made this photo an instant favorite of mine.  Of course, who can ignore that fantastic hair?  Check out more of Molliee’s looks by clicking on the photos!


Pretty, Preppy, Petite

Finding the right sizes and silhouettes can be tough for petite girls, but this San Francisco native makes it look all too easy.  With a true appreciation for textiles and tailoring, she’s a master at blending different textures and colors with finesse.  Here are three of my favorite looks by Monique:

Take a cue from this gorgeous Chictopia editor and learn to make the most of your natural figure!  Check out more of Monique’s looks by clicking on the photos!


Colorfully Casual

It’s easy to overdose on the newest trends and accessories when you live in Los Angeles, but Audrey shows her tasteful restraint when it comes to all things casual and glamorous.  Here are three of my favorite looks by this Californian style captain:

The subtle textures, the pop of color, and that tousled, blonde hair!  Her style is a great example of how to keep it simple in a city with a flair for the dramatic.  Check out more of Audrey’s looks by clicking on the photos!


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